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Q&A with Oluwafunmilayo “Funmi” Kehinde

Where are you from?

“I am from Nigeria”

Have you ever been to the United States before?

“Yes, when I was eight and when I was 13. I came here to see my dad. They live back in Nigeria, I am here by myself.”

What made you come to TJC?

“TJC has a chemistry program, and I could live on campus. It was one of the only community colleges with on-campus housing.”

What do you want to do with your major?

“I want to become a pharmacist, and hopefully a medical doctor. Fingers crossed.”

Are you involved in anything?

“Yes, I am the co-officer for service in Phi Theta Kappa, and I am also a Resident Assistant.”

What did your family think about you coming to school in the U.S.?

“It was actually their idea. They were like, ‘Just go study over there.’ And it was like ‘Okay, cool.'”

Did you experience any culture shock?

“A lot, but I was expecting it. It was not a big culture shock, though. Some of my friends came over and told me what to expect. The food is so different, and adjusting was really hard. People are really nice here, they are really just amazing. Back at home it is different, you do not interact with people you do not know.”

What did you think about Texas?

“Texas is so different. Texas surprises me all the time, every detail is different. The times I have visited, I stayed in New Jersey. The food and they way you guys speak is really different.

Have you started saying “Y’all”?

“That is something I would not say. I do not know if I would be Texan enough to say ‘y’all.’ I could try.”

How did you make friends?

“I did not actually have friends when I started. I waited for like two semesters to have friends. When I met my friends, we were not friends at first. It was like, ‘Oh, she is from Africa, I am from Africa, I guess we should talk.’ I guess we became friends like that.”

What are your future plans?

I will visit home, but I do not want to settle down there. I do not want to settle here [United States], I want travel and see the world and see where I want to settle down.

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