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Serve it up: students give input on cafeteria food

Tyler Junior College students say the food served on campus isn’t the best in the world but still manages to satisfy their hunger.

TJC has several on-campus delis as well as a cafeterias from which students or visitors can purchase food.

Those places are located at the main cafeteria at the Rogers Student Center, the Java Cup, located next to the bookstore, the Deli Depot, located in the Pirtle Technology building, and the deli located in the Ornelas Complex.

The primary food offered at the school consists of deli sandwiches, a variety of pizzas, a salad and fruit bar, burgers, french fries, different pastas, fish and chicken, just to name a few.

Each café has several food servers trained to handle and prepare the food and help welcome others and make sure that everything is okay with the food.

According to the TJC website under Workforce development, the food servers are taught the “methods of proper food storage, techniques for sanitary food service preparation, employee sanitation, pest control, accident prevention, housekeep- ing management, sanitation regulations and standards and facility conditions which contribute to outbreaks of food-borne diseases, followed by the Texas Department of Health (TDH) certification exam.”

“I just try to make sure the food is prepared and served the way customers want it,” said Joshua Lalumia, sophomore music major, like my job and I like seeing others happy when they’re eating some good food,” he continued.

Many students say that the food served on campus is just right and promises to get rid of those hunger pains.

“I guess the food is okay sometimes because sometimes when I get out of class, I head straight for the café in the Rogers Student Center to find something to eat”, said Keith White, a freshmen student living in Ornelas.

“They don’t have what I want to eat every time, but for the most part the food hits the spot,” White added.

Some students say that even though TJC has several on-campus cafés to eat in, the food still isn’t all that great.

“I mean the few times I do eat in one of the on-campus cafes, the food is either cooked too hard or not enough, too greasy or just sometimes not good period,” said Breanna Loftis, a sophomore student living in the Ornelas dorm.

Students living on campus are privileged to have meal plans, which covers meals on campus for the semester. Students who live off campus and visitors have to pay for the food served here. “Whenever I decide to eat on campus with

my friends, I always end up spending like $8 for a meal. The food is pretty good, but sometimes I’ll just get a meal from McDonald’s. Dollar menus baby,” said sophomore Lance Seals. 

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