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students give input on dorm visitation hours

Tyler Junior College dorm residents have mixed emo- tions about hall visitation hours.

Normally when students are finished with their daily school and personal activities, they return to their dorm to then relax or entertain themselves.

Occasionally residents want to bring their friends or others to their rooms.

According to the Residential Life Handbook, “Visitation is considered a privilege within the residence hall system. Visitation hour limitations exist to ensure both the comfort and the security of all residents within the hall”.

Dorm residents then have to check in with a residential assistant or RA, at their dorm and go through a log in procedure.

 The visitation hours for all TJC hallsare from 8p.m. to 11:30p.m. This is be lieved to be enough time for students to visit each other, however some dorm residents disagree.

“I personally feel that it’s enough time for my friend or someone to visit. We have enough time to do homework or watch a movie or whatever, “Shanice Johnson, sophomore photography major who lives in Bateman hall.

Duane Johnson, freshman living in Ornelas hall said, ” I don’t think the hours are long enough, we don’t have enough time to really enjoy are company.”

He also says, “I think that they need to make the visitation hours longer, like from 7 to 12 or something, that would be perfect.”

Another issue with visitation is not being able to have guest from other schools visit.

Students may have friends that go to other schools but are unable to spend the kind of time they want to with them. “I think its stupid how we cant even invite people over from different schools. I mean I have friends all over Tyler and sometimes when we just want to invite someone over to play video games or whatever we cant.” Hayden McGee, freshmen, living in Ornelas. “I guess the rule about not having visitors from other schools is ok because they don’t really have a way to monitor that person, as far if they go to another school or not, their background information and all that, I can kind of under- stand it, it still sucks”, Kelcee Guyton, sophomore living in Ornelas.

In helping with monitoring students living on campus, TJC has several security campus located in each dorm.

This helps to make sure students are obeying the rules and to make sure there aren’t any non-TJC students trespassing. Destiny Brown, a sophomore desk assistant that also lives in Vaughn hall said, “the security cameras are very important, these are some big dorms and it has a lot of people here, and unfortunately everybody doesn’t like following the rules all the time”.

She also mentioned, “I’m glad we have the campus safety people around, because some of these folks are just, ugh”. Campus security officers are sometimes called in to deal with dorm violations issues. According to the Campus safety Operation Report, “while on patrol campus safety observed two students outside Ornelas A. They were reminded about no after hours

visiting. Both students left the area.”

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