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Students, staff adjust to new schedule times

     With the spring semester just getting started, returning Tyler Junior College students adjust to new class time, and schedules.

     Many students debate if the new times are beneficial to their schedules or actually a hindrance to them.

     “It really isn’t a big deal to me. I normally try to knock out all my morning classes by having them back-to-back, but now I have a little time between each one, so that alright,” said Garry Alston, a freshmen at TJC.

     “I don’t think it’s like a big deal, but I miss being able to have a 8 a.m class, then 9 and 10 a.m class right after that,” said Cha’rel Mosley, another freshman student.

     “The new time schedule doesn’t even affect me. I’ve always had most of my classes spread apart like in the fall semester,” said Lesly Suarez, a sophomore majoring in psychology, who is also a Residential Assistant at the Ornelas Hall.

     The biology classes taking place at the new Woodlands portables just happen to be one of the main reasons for the campus wide changes. The new time was put in place so that students could have enough time to make it to each of their classes.

     “Being a teacher, you have to be flexible so we’re all pretty much use to all the changes that keeps taking place every now and then,” said Shawn Taylor, a preparatory Math instructor at TJC.

     He then added, “I’m sure that the time schedule doesn’t affect the staff as much as it does the students but it’s a nice deal being able to make it to each of my classes and have time to set up and prepare for my next class; and I’m sure some of the students don’t mind having a couple minutes to take a breather before they gear up for their next class.”

     Butch Hayes, the Provost for TJC, played an important role with the new time schedule.

     “The reason for this semester’s time schedule changes was to help the students and faculty get to their classes when needed, while all the construction around campus was taking place, and the addition to the new Woodland area classes,” he said.

     He then added that, “once all the construction is done; we will return back to the old schedule by the time fall 2011 semester starts.”

     “Man if they didn’t make this new time thing, I would be late to my classes everyday,” said Lance Seals, sophomore biology major. “I have classes in the Woodland, and I don’t mind making the walk to and from there either, it’s just that I’m glad the timewas extended because most people have classes out of the way and with all this construction and stuff going on; so that keeps us from being late all the time.”

     The construction taking place around campus seems to also delay the students from making it to their classes.

     Students living on campus sometimes have to find ways around the many blockades, while students living off campus have a tough time finding parking spaces with blocked roads and construction in their way.

     “It seems like everywhere you look, they’re cutting off a way to get to your class on time. Then its never any parking spots so you spend about 20 minutes right there trying to look for one,” said D’qualion Portley, a freshmen criminal justice major.

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