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Three strikes and you’re out


Many students on campus do not know the penalty for not wearing their lanyards. One too many offenses can lead to expulsion. If students neglect to wear their lanyards, disciplinary action will be implemented.

“The first offense is a warning and the student will be issued a day pass. The second time the student will be written up. The final strike can lead to expulsion,” said Damien Williams, director of student support services

Depending on the situation and time period, it is possible for the student to be suspended parts of the upcoming semester, Williams explained.

The TJC website states that the lanyard policy was established early the fall of 2010 so that others know their role at the college and visitors can be identifiable.

According to TJC’s website, past visitors were stated to have taken advantage of the hospitality with unacceptable behavior. The website reports that wearing lanyards lets the college know who belongs on campus and who doesn’t.

The lanyards have served their purpose in keeping intruders out and our campus safe. According to staff reports in fall 2010, a man was stopped by Campus Safety Chief Randy Melton for not wearing the lanyard. After the man refused to provide identification, Melton took him into custody and found out that the man was actually Christopher O’Brien, 1 of the 6 responsible for the drug bust in March, 2009.

Some students more than disagree with the lanyard policy.

“We’re students; sometimes we forget. I think it is stupid. Sometimes I see students being written up for not wearing their lanyards, and I’ll walk by shaking my head,” said Emmanuel Vialle, 19.

Some students did not realize the punishment was so drastic and they witnessed more and more students written up for not wearing their lanyards.

“It wasn’t as bad last semester with students being written up,” said Jessica Cornelio, a nursing major. “I had no idea you could be suspended in the upcoming semester following the expulsion.”

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