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TJC guys are going from Boyz to Men

The organization Boyz to Men was founded to help the young men on campus leave a permanent mark on the doorsteps of TJC, mentoring today’s generation of young men.”I saw a need for young men on campus. People who were going through judicial troubles,” said Zarrick Cannon president and founder of Boyz to Men.

Cannon saw many judiciary problems on campus and was looking for a way to make a difference in the community with today’s young men.

“The main purpose is to create unity between our young males and mentor them to better themselves to motivate, cultivate and inspire young males here on campus,” said Cannon.

Boyz to Men was founded this fall. They helped organize Aids Awareness Week, Breast Cancer Awareness, they helped raise money for the Make-A-Wish Founda- tion and other community service events.

In the future, Boyz to Men plans on doing some traveling to Huntsville to visit the state prisons. There they will be talking to inmates about mistakes they made in their lives. This will hopefully help steer some of the young men down the right path. Also, Boyz to Men will be going to San Francisco, CA to the 100-Men Conference. There are older men mentoring younger men and younger men mentoring even younger men.

“You’ll get to meet very prestigious males in the community, entrepreneurs, some males that are in corporate America that could offer you scholarships. They could offer you internships and even an job,” said Cannon. ents. Cannon gives students a chance to show off their talents.

“Anybody who has a talent, we let them exercise their gifts and sharpen their gifts because if we don’t give them a chance, who will,” said Cannon.

The members of the organization are just as dedicated and goal oriented as Cannon himself.

“My goals for this organization are to work hard and help out as much as I can,” said Nick Morgan, nursing major.

The young men in this group are learning new things everyday and are taking it all in.

“I plan to gain a stronger awareness of my misconcepted words and appearances from our older advisors and become a stronger man mentally, so that obstacles in my future may be approached with class and intelligence,” said Jawoine Hawkins, speech and theatre major.

To join Boyz to Men, visit the Student Judicial Programs on the second floor of Rogers Student Center to fill out an application. 

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