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TJC pop show brings greatest hits

The T.V. show “Glee” is creating a lot of buzz all over the nation. It showcases a group of high school students who sing and dance songs that are popular from the past and present. But for Tyler Junior College this is a familiar tradition.

Since 1971, Harmony and Understanding has brought live music, dancing and singing to Tyler Junior College.

“It’s lights, acting, dancing and music, ” said Nathan Russell, professor/director of choral activities. He is the sixth director of Harmony and Understanding.

The group of TJC students performs a range of songs that include old-school favorites to modern-day hits. According to Russell, the students perform some of the songs performed on the very popular Fox show “Glee.”

Harmony and understanding presents a show full high-energy entertainment for its audience. The songs range from Aretha Franklin to the Black Eyed Peas. together a show called Pop Show. “Pop Show is very up beat,” said Karmen Trotter choreographer for the show. Trotter has been working with

Harmony and Understanding for the past two years and also works as a choreographer for TJC’s marching band.


“It’s a musical review,” Russell The show is full of entertainment and has something for everyone. The costumes the students wear on the shows are specially made and they also get them from dance studios.

“Sometimes I help with make- up,” said Jessilyn Taylor, 21, Tyler, she has been involved with harmony in understanding for two years.

Taylor was a part of the cast of the Pop Show; she said she loves to perform because she has a real pas- sion for it. Taylor also said that she helps backstage by helping people with their hair and make up.

They also sing, “Jump” from 80’s band Van Halen. “This year we are even doing some jazz, ” said Nor- man Jones, 20, Henderson who has been part of Harmony and Understanding for three years. On Nov. 19-20 Harmony and Understanding put Harmony and Understanding has rehearsals every Thursday from 7 to 10 p.m. They hold auditions every April. Anyone is welcome to come and show their talents.

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