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What I’ve learned: Passing on my advice

By Aliyah Mooseberg

Social Media Editor

When I first came to Tyler Junior College, it was during the sad circumstances of COVID-19. For me this meant I missed out on going to my dream college to stay close to home. When officially enrolling as an TJC Apache, I was a lost 18-year-old with no clue about “real world life.” My first day at TJC, I was a nervous wreck with the worst case of butterflies in my stomach. As I leave, I know I have exciting opportunities ahead of me, such as a job in my career field, but I also know that the times I have had here will become memories in my rear-view mirror.  With this being my last semester here, I would like to reflect on the things I learned  within the brick walls of Jenkins Hall. 

No. 1: Career.

It’s OK to not know exactly what you want to pursue as a career. I changed my mind numerous times my first semester between dental hygiene, mass communication and forensics. Going into college was a scary experience and taking various classes truly helped me decipher what my true passion was and what I held in my strong suits. 

No. 2: Studying. 

Studying is a horrible thing, trust me we all think that. But taking 15 to 20 minutes of your time to focus is a game changer. My first semester, I never studied and that soon reflected on my grades. Finding little tips and study tricks really saved me. Sadly enough, taking time away from my friends benefited me in the long run. 

No. 3: Join an organization.

I had no friends at first at TJC. I felt like a small fish in a school of fishes. Joining an organization helped me find a group of friends who really opened my mind to think outside of my beliefs.  It gave me friends with the same hobbies as mine while gaining experience in my future job field. It truly made learning fun. 

No. 4: It’s OK to not know everything! 

I think that was a hard concept for me to grasp. For me, I like to know all and be all. So sit back and think, you’re going to college to learn, and you need to just do that.

I’m thankful for my time spent at TJC. I’m beyond thankful for my professors as they have given me new strengths and helped me push through my weaknesses. 

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