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Writing lab offers tutoring and guidance for students

Whether a student is confused about how to write an essay or does not understand how to format a thesis, the Writing Lab is here to help.

“The main goal of the Writing Lab is to help students become better writers,” said Kristen Jackson, Writing Lab coordinator.

Students in any course or any major can use the lab. Help from an instructor is available by appointment or by walk-in.

“Frustration is the number one reason most student seek tutoring” Jackson said. 

Additional frustration is seen when students are trying to meet deadlines. So the staff keeps an open mind and is willing to help. The writing lab teaches students to develop skills that they can take with them outside of the writing lab, therefore they can become more productive and able to do the work themselves without assistance.

“The writing lab checks my papers for punctuation errors, helps me correct the mistakes, and notices if papers are in proper format,” said student Sam Harris. “In the past the I’ve come here and got help with four major papers. If the writing lab approves I know my professors will approve.”

Jackson said writing is one of the hardest subjects to teach.

“There’s no right or wrong way to write, each writer is unique,” said Jackson.

This semester Free Writing Workshops will be held. The workshops will be focusing on research using websites, library databases, summarizing information and paraphrasing and quoting. Other workshops will be on MLA and APA citation methods.

Another problem facing students is unintentional plagiarism. It is hard to catch, but the lab will be helping with different ways to prevent plagiarism from happening.

“One of the good things about my job is I get to work with students on a one–on-one basis to target problems they are having,” said Jana Haasz, a professional tutor and a English teacher at TJC.

The Lab is located on campus in Jenkins Hall room 1108. The lab is open at 8a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Thursday and 8 a.m. to 3p.m Fridays.  Contact the Writing Lab at 903-510-3200 for more information or use the online tutoring website at tjc.askonline.net.

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