By Marshall Cearfoss

Online Editor


……………………. I have died.

My life used to be of matter, but now it is of nothing but doubt.

This movie has mustered emotions from within me which have been waiting nearly a lifetime to be unlocked.

Prior to this film, I was convinced that I knew what a good superhero movie could be, but now I understand that my preconceptions had been led far astray.

From the moment the movie ended and the credits began to roll, I was rendered unable to perform anything aside from breathing heavily and therapeutically coercing my hands through my hair.

I might have hesitantly chuckled a few times- I don’t really know, it was all a blur.

Perhaps I’m rambling. Perhaps I’m being a touch dramatic.

Be that as it may, I hope the words above have conveyed one simple message: I loved this movie.

There’s no point in even diving into the specifics as to why I loved it because that would simply consist of me saying “[any given aspect] WAS THE BEST.”

I would like those of you who are reading this to understand something–neither am I lying nor exaggerating in any form when I tell you that this was possibly the best movie I have ever seen.

Now I am aware that there are some who don’t exactly share my opinion – just ask the guys over at Pow Wow TV who watched it with me – but that’s alright. This world is beautiful because everyone is entitled to my opinion.

Conclusion: ………………I have died.

I highly suggest, if not mandate, that you go see this movie. Just be aware that you might turn into Jell-O… So yeah, be careful.

That’s my review.


I’d like to thank Times Square Cinema for making the documentation of this life-changing event possible.

When you come to the ticket booth, just tell them to make you reevaluate what life even is.