Eggstravaganza (Slide Show)


Laughter and the smell of grass fill the air as hundreds children run on the green, sectioned field of Jenkins Lawn with painted faces and baskets full of plastic eggs at the Eggstravagnza.

Residential Life and Housing kicked off the sixth annual Eggstravagnza last night at 5:30 p.m. with cotton candy, popcorn, four bounce houses and two lifesize Easter bunnies. Housing was pleased with outcome and called the event a success

“We’re looking at about the same or more [people] and last year we had 550,” said Patti Light, assistant director for residential life. “There are more bounce houses and advertisement to Belle Elementary and the weather is beautiful.”

Kids lined up at the entrance held back by staff as they anxiously awaited for the signal to go. The hunt kicked off around 6 p.m. and the lawn divided with lines of colorful flags by age group became a egg gathering frenzy.

After the signal kids rushed forward and immediately began to spread out and dropped to ground to gather eggs and as few lone kids rush to the back line of the section.

The egg hunt included more than 17,000 eggs and lasted less than five minutes.

“It goes so fast,” said Diana Karol, director of auxillary services. “Three months of stuffing for it all to be over in a few minutes.”

The kids who participated had a lot of fun and got a basketful of eggs.

“It was outstanding,” said John, age 9. “I got too many [eggs] to count.”

Many students from Belle elementary and the surrounding area attended.

“The egg hunt was fun,” said Robyn, age 6. “I got like 61 eggs.”

Kids were not the only one who enjoyed the event, several parents enjoyed Eggstravagnza.

“I’m here for my little brother,” said Markita Nickleberry, Sophomore. “He had a wonderful time and we will return.”

The kids also got to meet two Easter Bunnies that hang out around the bounce houses and took pictures and gave out hugs.

“Little kids love me,” said Jordan Castillo, bunny #1. “I’ve got nothing but hugs and smiles.”

The two “bunnies” were resident assistants who offered to wear the bunny costumes complete with bunny heads and gloves.

“It was so hot,” said Carlos Cordero, bunny #2.

Housing also added a new section this year, a college section.

“I noticed a lot of college kids here last semester and we’ve had request,” said Aukse Harris, assistant director of residential life.

The easter bunny has also gone green. After the hunt anyone who returned the eggs got a chocolate bunny.


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