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Music for a weathered mind

Everyone is always looking for that perfect song on those days you just want to stay in when it’s raining or for when you go out for a nice sunny day in the heat. The DrumBeat is all about bringing you those tunes that will make you feel that thunder deep inside you. So of course, we had to compile a few songs that will either bring your day rain, shine or whatever vibe you’re feeling.

Graphics by Santiago Nunez

“Strawberry Fields”
by Monet Ngo (Sunny)

“Strawberry Fields” is a song that can make you feel as though you’ve transported to the titular strawberry field. The positive vibes flowing through the song feel like sunshine on your skin. When you listen to this lyrical melody by Monet Ngo it does more than just that. Ngo is a Vietnamese American rising star whose love for music has grown slowly and naturally. He eventually found his love for rapping and playing guitar because it brought him a sense of happiness and liberation, but he originally hated playing piano. He brings a different approach to his work with a distorted rock style of chords that blend into the music. Ngo’s mission is to invoke a sense of emotion through a new profound meaning of pop elements.

“Watercolors Eyes”
by Lana del Rey (Rainy)

If you’re feeling a bit teary eyed or just need some emotional relief on a rainy day then this is the vibe for you. Debuting this single on the popular hit show “Euphoria,” Lana del Rey shows us through her metaphorical lyrics that sometimes being young and in love is romantically frustrating. Replacing the vocabulary of words with metaphors brings a more powerful meaning to a sad love song and invokes a strong sense of emotions and nostalgia among us young lovers. With her crystal-clear voice and sweet, smooth and soulful melody, this is sure to be your tearjerker for the next rainy day.

“Even Angels”
by Fantasia (Cloudy)

Forecast today is cloudy with a chance of music. Fantasia’s soulful R&B song titled “Even Angels” is a breathtaking song with lyrics that invoke such strong teary-eyed emotions to the listener’s heart. With such mellow lyrics and soothing instrumentals throughout, it’s for sure a song you’d want to lay down on the grass while looking up to the sky to just think about life. As stated in the song “First step, take a deep breath you don’t need a reason why.” This gives her audience the OK to let out emotions, even if they hurt, so you’ll be able to move forward in your journey of life. With such a relaxing melody that makes you want to slow down and breathe in and out, it for sure will end up on your playlist soon.

“California Dreamin’”
by The Mamas & Papas (Snow)

When all the leaves start turning brown and the sky is gray, don’t forget to take that walk on that snowy winter day. On your next icy day out this semester, listen to “California Dreamin.’” Composed by husband-and-wife duo John and Michelle Phillips, “California Dreamin’” is a take on how wife, Michelle Phillips, long yearned for the warmth and comfort of her home back in Los Angeles while enduring a harsh winter in New York City. With the lyrics stating, “I’d be safe and warm, If I was in LA,” they invoke a strong sense of homesickness among listeners. It perfectly captures the feeling of missing everything you once knew and loved around you, leaving not only a sense of nostalgia of one’s roots but also a feeling of compassion for others who are missing home.

by Charli XCX (Stormy)

When you’re wanting a bit more energy during that thunderous, lightning filled day of yours Charli XCX is the one you’re going to need. Because when thunder strikes the ground all it leaves behind is destruction and change in its environment. The song “Lightning” symbolizes just that with its energized, upbeat, and fast-paced rhythm, Charli shows us change isn’t always a bad thing in your life. When writing “Lightning” for her album “Crash” it came at a time in her life when she was dealing with a harsh break up. She symbolized throughout that she did not want to go through another break up that hurt had affected her so deeply as she sung in the following lyrics, “Heart break already hit me once, so swear that it won’t happen twice.”

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