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Explore with TJC’s travel study program

By Sorayda Rivera
Contributing Writer

As a student, traveling might be something that doesn’t
come easy; time and money may pose some issues. Tyler
Junior College offers an opportunity for students and community
members to travel. TJC’s travel study program offers trips to
Greece, Costa Rica and New York as experiences to explore other
places outside of Tyler.

Over the next issues of The Drumbeat, the staff will discuss
details about the different trips, the costs, available scholarships
and application information.
Greece: Archaeological and Biblical Journeys to the Ancient

This excursion to Greece takes the journeyer on a 10-day
adventure from March 6-15. There are also two extended options.
The trip costs $2,090, and the price does not include airfare. Those
interested in traveling to Greece can purchase their desired airline
ticket. There is a partial scholarship of $1,000 for students. A
deposit of $590 is required at the time of registration.
This trip does not offer college credit. Eligibility is based on a
first-come, first-served basis. According to the TJC website, the
tour is open to the public. Any community member, student or
faculty member may enroll for this project.

Project director Dr. Manouchehr Khosrowshahi explained
what travelers will learn on the Greece trip like history, culture
and mythology.
“The base of our civilization is based on Greek culture,”
Khosrowshahi said.
Christy Jetton, a nursing student, said this is her second year
going to Greece.

“We learned a lot of history, and Dr. K made it fun,” Jetton said.
She added she enjoyed theatre visits and Greek Night. While
abroad, students had a unique dinner, watched some dancing and
enjoyed a Greek tradition of smashing plates for celebratory events.
“You’ll be missing out if you don’t go,” Jetton said.
The trip includes a full day tour of Greece, the Temple of
Athena Nike, the Corinth Canal and more places, including seven
of the 18 United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural
Organization Heritage sites in Greece.

Health, accident, baggage and trip cancellation insurance is
strongly recommended.
For individuals with mobility issues interested in the trip to
Greece, they will be accommodated. Khosrowshahi said there is
hiking on mountains and some areas are hard to get for those
who are not fully ambulatory, but they do not discriminate and are
willing to accommodate as much as they can. “We do not want to
deprive anyone because of a disability,” Khosrowshahi said.
For the full trip itinerary, conditions and responsibilities,
application information and more, visit tjc.edu/info/20030/travel_
For additional questions or concerns, contact Khosrowshahi at
903-510-2279 or mkho@tjc.edu.

Stay tuned to the next few issues to learn more about
the trips to New York and Costa Rica.

Traveling Abroad with TJC
Story by: Austin Newell

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