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A crazy type of joy

August 20, 2007 was a day that would change my life forever. I was to start a school that I never even thought about going too. Here in Tyler, TJC is known as the thirteenth grade, the alternative to your alternative school. But after a period of disappointment and mild depression, TJC started to feel quite well.

Before attending TJC, I attend Jackson State University in which I majored in communications with a concentration in broadcast journalism and a minor in speech communication. To say the least JSU was not the place for me.

In my short time at TJC, it has really been remarkable. Being taught by inspiring professors such as Joan Bruckwicki, M’Liss Hidman, and Nancy Paul. I have learned more at TJC than I had learned in four year at John Tyler.

One thing that has made this adventure unforgettable is the Apache Pow Wow. The campus newspaper here at TJC has restored my love for journalism. Mrs. Laura Krantz has replenished the dead Apache News and revitalized it to the Apache Pow Wow. I have had the pleasure the cover certain topics such as marijuana and financial aid, Black History Month, “Faces of TJC” and established TJC alumni.

Now that it’s over, would I do it again? Yes, I wouldn’t trade this experience for nothing in the world. I have had a crazy type of joy at TJC and I will truly miss it.

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