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A Letter to the Editor: No chance to ‘Speak Up’


When I first came to Tyler Junior College, I was so excited about Student Senate. I thought it would be a place where students could really make a difference on campus and had a voice of their own. However, the more I try to get involved in the Student Senate process and make change happen, the more I feel like students are being censored instead of heard. 

At the Student Senate meeting on Oct. 29, the executive board made the decision to remove Student Speak from the orders of the day. I feel like this is a clear statement of how much the Student Senate leadership and Lauren Tyler care about students’ voices. Actions speak louder than words. They took out the only part of Student Senate that actually gives students a voice, but they still claim to serve the students. Hopefully more students will speak up and realize that censoring our voices is never OK. 

Kyleigh Moody 

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