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A place to be heard

An aroma of freshly brewed coffee floods the room as local music lovers enter BrewTones to attend a night of relaxation through music.

BrewTones Coffee Galaxy is a locally run venue that is operated out of The Vineyard where bands can play to express themselves for a crowd of friends and fans. The Vineyard is located on the second level of the Time Square Shopping Center on South Broadway Avenue in Tyler.

“We really just wanted to create a place for kids to have a place to create music,” said Kim and husband Boyd Dupree, who are the people behind the operation of BrewTones.

BrewTones has been open since 1998 and originally sponsored concerts every weekend, but the Dupree’s are also the proud parents of Stacy, Chauntelle, and Sherri who are members of the band Eisley, which makes keeping shows scheduled regularly difficult.

“Without a set crew, it’s hard to keep things going sometimes. We have had different help…for a while Teen Mania was there all the time,” Mrs. Dupree said. “It is a large part of whether we are going to be able to continue this on a regular basis.”

Shows at BrewTones lately have been scheduled as opportunities arise and around tour dates and recording. Since the crew used to set up and tear down the stage and run sound for BrewTones is also the crew for Eisley, Mrs. Dupree needs volunteers in order to run a show while the girls are on tour.

Local band Horace Ate The Sun had their first concert ever at BrewTones and they all enjoy the vibe there.

“The staff at the venue are always happy to be there, and they do what they do because they love music and they love the bands and truly believe in what they are doing,” said Matt McClellan, drummer for Horace Ate The Sun.

BrewTones gives students and teens something to enjoy on the weekends. If there is a show then it opens up the possibility of somewhere to hang out without having to sit at home or stand around in parking lots.

“Living in a small town, it’s so hard…seeing kids all over this town that don’t have something to plug into. We just wanted to provide a place for youth to do something and enjoy their friend’s bands…on stage,” Mrs. Dupree said.

Not only are the youth of Tyler entertained and inspired to create music but aspiring musical artists are given an opportunity to build a fan base. Through BrewTones, doors are being opened for them to follow their dreams. This includes bands like Jake Germany, Ivoryline, and The Rocketboys, who have all played at BrewTones multiple times and are now well on their way.

“Everybody there is just down to earth and appreciates music in any form. As one of the only acoustic artists in Tyler, it’s so cool to be able to play a show full of metal bands and pop bands and have the crowd enjoy every bit of it,” Germany said.

Although there are no scheduled shows for BrewTones as of right now, Jake Germany is hosting a concert at The Vineyard on Saturday, Oct. 17. Darwin Lies, Empire and GoodHigh5 will be playing, with Jake Germany headlining. Admittance is $6 at the door and doors open at 7 p.m.

As for Eisley, they just began a U.S. tour with Say Anything that will last through November. A date has not been set for the release of their newest album, but an Early Production (EP) of the album will be for sale at shows. The next-to-youngest Dupree sister, Christie, has begun performing at BrewTones and is hoping to record an EP soon. There is a possibility for her to be the opener for her sisters on their next headlining tour sometime next year.

For more information on how to schedule a BrewTones sponsored show, to book a show, or to volunteer with shows contact Kim Dupree through Myspace at http://www.myspace.com/Brewtones or Twitter http://www.Twitter.com/Brewtones. To learn more about Eisley visit http://www.myspace.com/Eisley, Horace Ate The Sun visit http://www.myspace.com/horaceatethesun, Christie Dupree visit http://www.Myspace.com/christiedupreemusic, or Jake Germany visit http://www.Myspace.com/jakegermanymusic.

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