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Academic success coaching helps students eliminate barriers on, off-campus

By Sorayda Rivera

Student Life Editor

Graphic by Madison Heiser

Tyler Junior College’s Academic Success Coaching provides students with a personal success coach to aid students toward a victorious academic journey.

Academic Success Coaching is a fairly new program at TJC. It’s a free service for students where faculty and staff serve as academic coaches. The program’s mission is to create an environment that supports students in achieving their academic goals. 

Lauren Tyler, director of Student Life, referenced a quote from Dr. Juan Mejia, TJC president, that states “save the challenge for the classroom.”

“The challenge should be with the rigor of your class not getting to the class,” Tyler said. 

Students will work with their success coaches on things like goal planning, time management, study skills, healthy habits and more.

Tyler said coaches are like an accountability partner that students can talk to and sit down with to help set and accomplish academic and personal goals. Whatever the student’s goal might, whether it be to make healthier habits or a B on a test, an academic success coach can point students in the appropriate direction.  

Academic Success Coaching is not a replacement for tutoring or advising, Tyler added. “The point is to give a personal coach that can meet with the student and provide that connection to campus to help them,” Tyler said.

The only requirement for this program is that students meet with their coaches at least once a month. Tyler said they want to make this program accessible to as many students as possible. 

“We’re constantly recruiting coaches because we see the need growing,” Tyler said. “I mean I’ve had a lot of students contact me this week.”

With midweeks coming up, Tyler said they are seeing an increase in students requesting help.

Academic Success Coaching had to revamp and rethink their game plan to accommodate students throughout COVID-19. One of the changes is in how students and coaches meet. When the program began students were asked to come in-person, but now the option is available for coaching calls to be done via Zoom.

“The nice thing is we have the tools that we can meet virtually,” Tyler said.

For more information on how to get started, contact (903) 510-2797, or search for Academic Success Coaching on tjc.edu.

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