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Adult workshop helpful for returning students

On April 21 adults over the age of 21 crowded into the Apache Rooms, eager to learn more about TJC and all the procedures involved in getting admitted, receiving financial aid and about each of the academic schools.

“We went over just the basics. It was college 101,” Dr. Vickie Geisel, part time coordinator for adult services and special projects, said.

The crowd included an array of potential students attending, from single mothers looking for a better life for their families, to recently laid-off Goodyear Tire employees.

“I’m looking into my opportunities in forestry, but we have a few strings attached with what federal money will pay for,” Gary Costlow, a 54-year-old former Goodyear employee said.

Costlow worked at the Goodyear plant for 35 years and is looking forward to having a new career and doing something that he enjoys.

Another concern for some of the attendees is the economy. Many are worried that they won’t have a job in a few months if they have one now.

“With the way the economy is, and having two children, I don’t see another option,” Melissa Vega, 28, said. “I want to be a dental hygienist. Right now I’m just doing labor-intensive work.”

The workshop included speakers from Allied Health and Nursing, Applied Studies, University Studies and Continuing Studies. There were approximately 30 people in attendance. A packet was given out with information about taking the Accuplacer, tips for returning to college, steps to admission and a registration guide for the summer.

“The workshop calmed my fears about coming back,” Vega said. “They help with childcare and financial aid, which I will need.”

As adults, some may have reservations about coming back to school or coming to college for the first time.

“Many have a fear of returning back to the classroom, but they have been successful in other areas of their lives, so we focused on that to help them calm their fears,” Dr. Geisel said.

Many of the attendees said that they picked TJC because it was local and has a good reputation. Also, some said that it was nice that the school was eager to help.

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