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Advisers provide guidance for those transferring

It is time to start applying for colleges, and Tyler Junior College offers help to students who plan to go on to a four-year university.

“Advisors of TJC help map out long-time plans for students that are graduating and moving on,” said Justin Permenter, coordinator of International Student Admissions.

As the semester is coming to an end, students are graduating and scrambling to apply for colleges with the hope of getting accepted.

“For most colleges, before March 1 is the deadline for applications and scholarships that most of the colleges offer,” said Permenter.

In this case, advisors and the admissions office encourage students to apply to colleges as soon as possible and aid them in any way they can.

“The advisor and admissions offices assist in long-time career goals, assist in minors and majors when transferring, help by telling students about deadlines, and also by helping students map out their degree plans,” said Permenter.

This helps some students, who might not know what they want to major in or how to map out their plans for college in general. While TJC does help students transfer to a four-year university, TJC doesn’t target one specific school for students to transfer to, but gives several ideas to help students pick which college is best for them.

“UT-Tyler, Stephen F. Austin, UNT, and Sam Houston are some colleges that most of our students transfer to,” said Janna Chancey, executive director of Enrollment Management Services.

While most of these colleges do offer scholarships to future students, TJC doesn’t offer scholarships to students graduating and moving on to a four-year university.

“Only the universities can offer scholarships to future students, but TJC can give recommendations for the students,” said Chancey.

Even though scholarships aren’t offered to students who are graduating, TJC does give students the option of walking across stage and having a graduation ceremony.

“During the graduation ceremony, students are addressed by the college president, listen to a speaker and walk across the stage,” said Permenter.

This opportunity is really exciting to some, because it showcases their achievements.

Although many students are moving on to other colleges, TJC has played a role in helping them achieve their goals.

“Studies have shown that most students graduate at a higher rate if they go to a junior college first. Also, TJC offers small classes, cost is reasonable, and students are experiencing the college life,” said Chancey.

This helps put many students at ease about going on to a four-year university.

“Going to TJC is really laid back and the workload is easy, but the teachers are strict, which I believe helped push me to succeed,” said Justin Bell, student.

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