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Some students may have had that familiar feeling in the past, of waking up on a snow day and rushing towards the television screen to see if school is cancelled.  With today’s modern technology there will be no more of that suspense.  

TJC now offers a new and improved alert notification system that provides multiple ways to communicate to students via SMS/email/voice-mail/digital signage/Facebook/Twitter.  The goal is to keep students informed.

“Students do not need to register because it automatically is issued with an email account”, said Director of Marketing Affairs, Fred Peters.  Because anything else would require students to voluntary go into the website to add any additional contacts.  Which we hope they do, we hope anyone who has a cellular will add that number to their profile, so they’ll get more than one source of notification.  “If it’s really truly an emergency an email may not be the most expedient way of receiving the information,” Peters said.

Peters also mentioned along with the new TJC alert notification system that there is another program that students can use that will improve and heighten safety on campus. 

“We have another component that is part of a contract with this company, that is of different service,” he said it’s not required by law or mandatory.  It is something that we thought would be a smart choice for us.”

“It’s a service called U-Tip essentially what it is, is that if one wanted to anonymously tip any information about a crime relating to TJC or suspicious activity. Anonymously this tip will go to a third party service that will go directly to campus safety. We have no way of tracking those who provides the information, but we are committed and will follow each and every lead”, said Peters.

The new TJC notification system will serve as an “emergency” notification and mass communication tool as well.  

“The Emergency Notification group will keep you notified about any emergencies, campus closings, and delays,” said Chief Information Officer of Information Technology Larry Mendez.

There will be five optional groups to provide targeted mass communications.  The students can sign up for are:  Apache Athletics, Campus Activities, Campus Clubs and Organizations, IT-Alerts, Residential Hall Activities.   The Apache Athletic will alert any sporting event, Campus Activities will keep all TJC members up to speed with scheduled campus activities, Campus organizations will have the latest information on such events, Residence Hall will inform students about what’s going on in the halls, and IT-Alerts will keep students updated on event that happens with the internet server on campus.  

Some students think that the new and improve notification will guide students in a more positive direction.  

“I think this will get the students more involved and more proactive,” said Jennifer Martin, sophomore.  If students know what is going on around campus, maybe they will make the effort to attend these events.  “I believe students are on their phone more than they are online checking their email, so the notification on the phone is a good way of interacting with the students.” said Martin.

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