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An unforgettable experience

When I graduated high school in May 2006, TJC was my last college choice, I did not want to come here. I was even trying to go to Trinity Valley in Athens.

A lot of high school kids around East Texas were saying that they didn’t want to go to TJC because it was nothing but another high school -the 13th grade as many would put it. They said that you were going to see everyone you graduated with.

When I first stepped foot on TJC campus in August 2006 I was thinking that “I’m going to stay focus so that I want have to be here longer than what I had to be.” Some of the students that I graduated with and some that graduated the year before me had gone off to college- most being their first year away from home.

After my first semester everything went well for me and I was proud of the accomplishments that I had made. I began to get introduced to some of the activities and student organizations here on campus. I’ve been able to perform in talent shows and place in some, attend poetry clubs, open-mic nights, and lots of free food.

A lot of students who look for colleges to go to mainly look to see if it is a party school and not look at the quality of the education that the school has to offer.

Many students who went off for their first year of college are the ones who said that they weren’t coming to TJC. Now they are back for various reasons. Many partied, failed classes, dropped out or couldn’t afford it any more.

There are sayings “don’t judge a book by its cover” and “don’t knock it until you try it.” From experience I can say that my two years at TJC have been very rewarding.

I was able to get two years of college paid for and out of the way. I am at one of the top junior colleges in the nation. My classes are transferable to the university that I am going to. I’ve earned an associates in communications that I can utilize to help benefit my career, and better yet, I got to experience a little of the college life.

Being a part of TJC’s Apache Pow Wow newspaper has been very rewarding. Starting as a staff writer last semester to becoming sports editor this semester showed, not only myself but others, how your writing can improve from issue to issue and story to story.

I’ve really enjoyed my time and experience here at TJC. It’s been an experience that I will never forget. Being involved in organizations and writing for the paper has been fun. I am going to miss TJC as I continue to further my education. GO APACHES!!!

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