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Apache Band revels in homecoming traditions

 The Apache Band is an integral part to retaining traditions during the school’s homecoming week celebrations, such as the parade and a halftime show during the homecoming football game.

“I have never been in a band like this where there is this much excitement about homecoming,” said Madi Rhodes, front ensemble section leader for the vibraphones. “In high school, it was a regular old homecoming. Especially since we’re playing against Kilgore, it’s going to be huge. I know for halftime it’s going to be a 30- to 45-minute halftime show.”

For this year’s halftime show expect to see the TJC band and Apache Belles as well as the Kilgore band and the Rangerettes as they all work in conjunction with one another.

Along with the 93-year-old tradition of the “Drumbeat,” which is the beating of the drum that can be heard all week at the Rogers Student Center, is a 30-year anniversary for the Apache Punch. The Apache Punch known specifically for being the percussion section of the TJC band. 

“A lot of ex-members will be coming for homecoming,” said Victoria Martinez, percussionist in the front ensemble. “This year we have so many members coming back for homecoming, so we are excited, it’s going to be a lot of fun!”

The Apache Punch is unique for Martinez, and it has already played a large part in her personal life before deciding to come to TJC.

“It’s really great to see what all the drummers have done with their lives,” Martinez said. “Some of them became teachers. I myself, in high school, had two Apache Punch alumni as teachers, and it’s just super cool to see how far TJC students go after college.”

Kickoff for the football game will be at 3 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 26, so expect the band to have a presence before and during the game. 

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