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Apache Belle Babes shine in the spotlight

As the lights shined onto the field at halftime of the TJC-Navarro football game the Apache Belles and Belle Babes took center stage.

“It’s the best feeling seeing the smiles on their faces,” sophomore Belle Amanda Pierce said. “For a lot of them it’s a dream come true and it feels great to be a part of that.”

After the band finished their performance, the crowd cheered as bright and bubbly little girls, dressed in replica Belle uniforms, took the field with the world famous Apache Belles. These young ladies are known as the Apache Belle Babes. As the sound of the Jonas Brothers’ song “S.O.S.” played over the stadium speakers, the Babes sprung into action. They performed a routine that was choreographed by the Apache Belle officers. This was the conclusion of a long day of work and fun.

“I had my grand-girls here for the first time and they had a blast,” said Belles Director Ruth Flynn. “It was too cool!”

Seventy-two young ladies, ranging in age from 3 to 13 years old, attended the Belle Babes workshop on Sept. 27. The workshop is a fundraiser held by the Apache Belles during each semester. During the fall semester, the Babes get to perform with the Belles at a home football game and during the spring they get to perform during a basketball game. Some of the girls love it so much they participate in more than one workshop.

“This is the third year [my daughter] is a babe” said Haley Hayes, mother of Babe Jenna Whitman, 8. “She loves it.”

After registration, the girls are split into three groups based on age. Each age group is set up with their Belle leaders to learn their part of the routine.

“We had a great time,” said Flynn. “The object of the whole day is to have fun as we fundraise!”

Even some of the current and past Belles were members of one or more of the Babes workshops while they were young girls.

“I was a Babe when I was 3 years old” said Natalie Vance, freshman Belle. “I had the funnest time!”

Vance said that she remembered looking up to the Belles and her favorite part was getting to take pictures with them. The babes show up before the game to get portraits taken on the field with a Belle. All the Babes look up to and admire their Belle moms.

“[The Babes] look up to you,” said sophomore Belle Lisa Hall. “They watch you and copy everything you do.”

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