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Apache Chiefs encourage unity, service projects on TJC campus

By Larry Adisa

Contributing Writer

The Apache Chiefs perform service projects and host campus events every year as leaders on campus. Kyleigh Havir, a returning chief, helps find projects and brainstorm ideas each semester. A service project has been scheduled for the spring semester as part of the Chiefs commitment to volunteerism.

The Chiefs picked up trash as part of Keeping TJC Beautiful for their latest service.

“We love to give back to TJC, and promote other students to do the same,” Havir said.

The Chiefs have also hosted different events on-campus in the past, such as the fall 2019 homecoming “Gold Rush” at the Rose Stadium and the silent disco in the Apache Rooms last fall.

“We want to show the students that we have a great campus life, encouraging them to apply to be a Chief and make change on campus,” Havir said. She added that the events were to promote campus life while also showing that serving the school and the students can be a fun and rewarding experience.

The Chiefs are an organization that leads the new student orientation every year. The previous year’s returning Chiefs host events on campus to promote the student life, while also catching the interest of students for recruitment. Once a new team has been recruited, most of the spring is spent conducting service projects and training for the upcoming summer.

“This organization is like a family, and each one of us has the potential to change someone’s life,” Havir said.

Students who went to orientation often end up applying and becoming Chiefs based solely on the experience they had with previous Chiefs at orientation, hoping to also be part of the process of changing other students’ lives and promoting campus life.

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