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Apache ladies succeeding on and off the court

College athletes tend to have quite a bit on their agenda. With schoolwork and also playing on a team, it’s very important student athletes stay focused on the task at hand.Sophomore forward Ervette Powell from Houston is disciplined about what has to be done in order to successfully get through school and perform on the basketball court.”I tune in to what I need to focus on at that point in time,” Powell said. “If I’m in class, I focus on class work. When it’s time for a game, I focus on that particular game.” Sophomore post Jasmine King from Mount Pleasant is motivated by both her academics and playing basketball. “Coach Trenia Jones basically makes sure she stays on top of us and to make sure we do not slack off in our schoolwork,” King said. Coach Jones knows what it’s like to be an athlete and student. While attending Stephen F. Austin State University from 1989 to 1994, she was a part of the basketball team and also received her degree in rehabilitation. Furthermore, she knows the issues that come when juggling schoolwork and playing basketball. “I think laziness is a big factor when you have schoolwork to do and being part of the basketball team,” Jones said. “The ability to use time wisely has been another problem with our student athletes.” Being one of the top scorers and rebounders on the team, King has to stay focused.”I keep my focus by knowing what I was brought here for and that is helping this team win and bettering my education in college,” King said. “I like being a team player, helping my team succeed, but I know without academics it would not be possible.”Consequently, starting an education at a junior college before attending a university is very common. Some people feel like they will have more success attending a junior college before transferring to a university. “Attending a junior college gave me a chance for a good start academically as well as athletically for playing basketball on the junior college-level,” Powell said.”I’m able to manage my time and be discipline to use my free time as time to do schoolwork.”

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