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Apache sophomores say goodbye

Pierce, Garnett, and Allen are considered “The Big Three” in the NBA, but when it comes to TJC’s women’s basketball team it’s Spears, Murphy, and Shavers.

Yoshica Spears, April Murphy, and Chasity Shavers are three sophomores who have performed well in the past two seasons they’ve been at TJC, receiving scholarships to play right out of high school and will be leaving this fall to go play for a four- year university.

“What made me give each of them scholarships was Chasity’s athleticism, April’s tallness and Yoshica’s smartness,” said Head Coach Trenia Tillis-Jones.

A graduate from Hardin Jefferson High School in Nome, Texas, Spears received a scholarship to play at TJC, even though Oklahoma State, Kilgore, and SFA were looking at her.

“I chose to come to TJC because they have good academics and a good basketball program,” said Spears.

Spears still has several colleges looking at her including SFA, Kent State, University of New Orleans and Kennesaw State.

Spears, who is the second leading scorer for the Apache Ladies averaging 10.7 points per game, 127 rebounds and 49 assists for the 2007- 2008 basketball season. She is still undecided on her choice, but if basketball doesn’t work out for her, she plans to go to Lamar University to work on her academics in accounting.

“My most missed basketball memory will be having fun during stretching,” said Spears.

Receiving a scholarship to play basketball right out of Lewisville High School, Chasity Shavers had many Division I colleges looking at her during high school.

“I came to TJC because the environment was good, and I knew that I wasn’t going to play right away at a D-1 school,” said Shavers.

Shavers has made a big name for herself at TJC averaging 10 points per game and gaining a total of 104 rebounds with 47 assists.

Shavers has San Jose, UMKC and Kent State looking at her, but is still undecided on were she wants to go.

“My most missed memory will be being at the dorm with the team,” said Shavers.

A graduate from Mary Carrol High School in Corpus Christi averaging a total of 181 rebounds, and leading her team with 37 blocks this season April Murphy is ready for Division I basketball.

Majoring in General Studies with hopes of becoming a Veterinarian, the sophomore post player has committed to Texas Christian University (TCU).

“I wasn’t ready to play on the Division I level, TJC was the second biggest junior college and I liked the visit so I told myself why not come here?” said Murphy.

Even though Murphy has already committed to TCU she still has Division 2 schools calling her.

“Each girl stepped up individually in different ways, Chasity became more aggressive and improved in her game, Yoshica became stronger and more of a shooter threat and April had some dominating moments,” said Jones.

Although these Apache Ladies will be going their separate ways in the fall Coach Trenia Tillis-Jones will always miss something about each girl.

“I am going to miss seeing Yoshica always in the gym, She was a gym rat. Chasity’s sneakiness ‘the sly fox’ always trying to outfox the fox and April’s goofiness,” said Tillis-Jones.

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