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Apache Students are offered a trip across the world to Turkey


Dropping a class is a complete waste of money.

“For students who get three or more tutoring sessions in a certain class their withdrawal rate is sometimes 20 to 40 percent lower than students who didn’t get any tutoring,” said Tracey Williams, Tyler Junior College licensed professional counselor/tutor coordinator and learning specialist. 

The students who use the tutoring service normally get better grades. When students make a connection to someone on campus, their success rate is higher. In this case, the tutor could be that connection.  All of the tutors are trained in a specific learning style, so they can cater to the different learning styles. 

Tutors will usually try to tutor in their own learning style, but it really helps if they are able to learn different forms of teaching because all students do not learn in the same fashion.

Students that learn in only one style will sometimes freeze up with anxiety during a test, but if they learn other ways, they have more of a chance of remembering what they learned while taking the test. The tutors are taught that different methods are sometimes needed.

Tutors can get nationally certified by attending 10 hours of training and completing 25 hours of tutoring. Which, basically, means they are trained and can earn a pay raise.

“A lot of people on campus don’t even know this,” said Williams.

Williams does all the hiring and looks for students with an A average along with interpersonal skills. 

“A lot of tutors end up changing their major to education,” said Williams. “Some tutors enjoy tutoring so much and seeing the progression of a student that they will decide to teach.”


“It’s a neat experience as well as an education,” said Kelley. “You also stay at some really nice places.”

The trip is full of historical sites to see as well as top of the line accommodations at four-star hotels. Many people hesitate when traveling to the Middle East but it is completely safe.

“Many Americans do not go to Turkey alone because they have a distorted view of the Middle Eastern countries,” said Dr. K, “I’m their security. They trust me.”   

Students who attend this trip will be awarded three college credits if they enroll in GOVT 2389 before the trip takes place. The trip fills quickly, so students need to register soon.

To reserve a place in the trip you must fill out a registration form and have a $499 deposit by Dec. 2, 2011. The trip is open to the public, however, students at TJC get a discount and access to a scholarship. The total cost of the trip is $1,499 plus airfare, and for students, the cost is $1,349 plus airfare. However, Dr. was awarded $5,000 by SSFAC to give to students as a scholarship.

To apply for the scholarship, students need to talk to Dr. K and will be asked to write a one page essay describing why they want to go to Turkey. The money is separated evenly between all TJC students who commit to the trip. 

For more information call Dr. Khosrowshahi at 903-510-2279 or email him at mkho@tjc.edu.  For information on itinerary, cost, and past trips visit www3.tjc.edu/turkey.   

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