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Apartment Crime Timeline


Cambridge Apartments       

3088 Old Omen, Tyler, TX   75701



Dates:             Crime:


Feb. 5, 2010   Theft:

Female resident and TJC student’s iPod worth $200 was stolen by unknown suspect in her apartment. Case was dismissed for lack of victim cooperation.

May 5, 2010  Sexual Assault:

Female resident and UT Tyler student reported being raped by another resident and UT student. A full investigation was made and suspect was arrested.

Apr. 9, 2011 Theft:

Male resident and UT Tyler student stole several of his roommates’ household goods. The victims, two male TJC students, attempted to file charges to remove suspect out of apartment. After management denied request to evict suspect even with criminal charges, victims did not continue with criminal charges.

Apr. 9, 2011   Aggravated Assault:

Two non-residents suffered wounds after being stabbed by intoxicated suspect. No criminal charges were filed.


Apr. 18, 2011 Residential Burglary:

Male TJC student reported damage to apartment by a female TJC student and non-resident. Criminal charges were never filled.


Dec. 17, 2011 Theft:

Female resident stole a total of 4 electronics and cash from five residents. Case was dropped due to lack of prosecution by victims.


Jan. 13, 2012 Sexual Assault:

Female resident and TJC student was sexually assaulted by another male resident. Case cleared for lack of prosecution.


Aug. 29, 2012            Sexual Assault:

Female non-resident was forced to have sex and other sexual activity with an unknown resident at Cambridge apartments. Victim did not file charges.




Varsity Apartments

3400 Varsity Dr., Tyler, TX 75703


Dates:             Crime:

July 4, 2010   Theft

Female non-residents wallet was stolen with over $200 worth of valuables including cash, while visiting with a friend at the Varsity Apartments. Thief was never reportedly caught.


Dec. 2, 2010   Robbery:

Three male residents were robbed at gun point by two unnamed suspects. Item likes Xbox, wallets, computer hard drive and cellphones were taken.

May 5, 2011  Sexual Assault:

Female TJC student and resident was reportedly raped and beaten by three unidentified males in her apartment. No criminal charges were filled.

June 15, 2011 Aggravated Assault:

Female resident was stabbed with knife in the Varsity parking lot; suspect was not identified in police reports.

Nov. 29, 2011            Homicide-Negligent Manslaughter:

Male resident died after being shot by a male TJC student and resident. Suspect is currently serving time in jail.

Apr. 18, 20112 Burglary:

Male was arrested for attempted residence burglary.

June 6, 2012  Robbery:

Two female were rob, items like two iPods and coach purse were taken.

July 1, 2012   Aggravated Assault:

Two female residents were threaten at gun point by three unknown suspects. No criminal charges were filed by victims.

Sep. 14, 2012            Aggravated Assault

Unidentified suspect at complex parking lot assaulted female and male residents with firearm. The victims’ vehicle windows were damaged by bullets. Possible purchase and sale of drugs related.  No charges were filled.

Sep. 23, 2012            Aggravated Assault:

Male resident was assaulted and cut by unidentified suspect.

Oct. 16, 2012 Robbery:

Two males and a female were robbed, total of $5oo, by an unidentified suspect in police reports with handgun.

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