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Art attacks TJC campus

There have been a series of at­tacks taking place all over the TJC campus. Art Attacks. An Art At­tack is not something to be wor­ried about.

It is promotional program where works of art are left by the TJC Art Club to encourage stu­dents to attend their weekly meet­ings.

The Art Attack program started over a year and a half ago with a piece in the Potter building. The first piece consisted of a com­bination of geometric and organic shapes that the club members ad­hered to a wall. That piece of art has long since been taken down but there have been Art Attacks deployed to several different loca­tions around the campus.

Each piece of art is designed and built by members of the art club. Some are taken down quick­ly while others, such as the large black structures in the Genecov building’s central walkway, are more permanent.

The art club doesn’t inform anyone of where the next Art At­tack will be located and they don’t ask permission to place their art. The Art Attacks are meant to be spontaneous and unexpected. The only real requirement for choosing a location is that the art doesn’t block the flow of traffic.

“You never know when we’re going to strike.” said professor Derrick White, the Art Club’s fac­ulty sponsor.

The Art Club’s two fold goal of spicing up the TJC campus along with attracting students to their weekly meetings seem to be working.

The club has seen more stu­dents show up because of the Art Attacks White said. What’s more, students and teachers alike seem to appreciate the art pieces.

“They give the otherwise dull buildings a bit of flare.” said TJC Student Allyn Coates.

The Art Club meets on Wednesdays at noon in the art area located on the bottom floor of the Jenkins building.

For more information on the Art Attack program or the TJC Art Club in general you can con­tact Derrick White at dwhi@tjc.edu or at 903-510-2233.

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