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Artist collective presents show, sale

A collective of artists is encouraging locals and Tyler Junior College Students to showcase their work at an art show in historic downtown Tyler.

“We believe that Tyler has some really good talent, and we’d like to let the community see what there is to offer here,” said David Foox, event coordinator.

The Kung Foox Collective was started by a brother and sister art duo: Jessica and David Foox. This is the third show that they have held in Tyler. The show will run from April 23 to 27 at 215 East Ferguson St. studio D. Each show begins at 6 p.m.

“We have a soft spot for this art community … The artists that are here are very community-oriented, said David Foox. “They are very open, welcoming, and warm to each other. Everyone is friends.”

There will be 15 artists participating, in addition to Jessica and David Foox contributing over 100 pieces of art to the show. Admission is free.

“It will be well organized [with] valet parking to make it a bit of a classy event,” said David Foox. “All of the artists will participate and show people their work and all of the work is for sale.”

Other artists involved include: Roy Sherizly, Carissa Byers , Rachael Ellis, Aunia Kahn, Candace Keegan, Kerian Babbitt, Caleb Jacks, Emily Phillips, Crystal Shea Trent, and Stephen Snow.

“Aunia Kahn is actually one of our famous artists. She did 94 shows in 2007. [Most] of them were prints, but the fact hat she was in 94 shows is a big deal,” said David Foox.

The Kung Foox Collective doesn’t just show in Tyler.

“We just finished up a show in New Zealand. We had our first international show, which is pretty cool. We also have a show coming up in Washington, D.C.,” said Foox.

The collective invites any TJC student who is interested in being a part of the show to contact David Foox at defoox@gmail.com or to visit their online discussion board at http://www.kungfoox.typepad.com.

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