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Athlete maintains school and pool

Jedrick Williams is a sophomore cornerback for the Apache football team and he also works on campus in the HPE center as a lifeguard at the pool.

Williams’ job as a lifeguard provides the opportunity to really help people in the community.

“I believe in getting a job that will help and benefit people,” Williams said. “When I go to work at 5:30 in the morning, the older people tell me that they appreciate me being there and that really makes me feel like I’m really giving back to the community.”

Williams’ main passion is football. He is a key player on the Apache defense.

On Sept. 4 against Kilgore College, Williams made a crucial defensive play for the Apaches in overtime when he deflected a pass intended for a Kilgore College wide receiver, which eventually led to TJC scoring the winning touchdown. “I enjoy playing football,” Williams said. “I really have a passion for it and I like practicing with my friends, which is another fun part about playing on the football team.”

Williams gets good praise and support from his teammates for his special skills as a football player.

“He is a good cover cornerback and a smart player,” TJC Quarterback Luke Halpin said. “He understands very well what the opposing offense is doing.”

Coach Robert Mahon, who’s the secondary coach for the Apache football team and also the director of the Ornelas HPE Center, has a great insight on Williams as far as a football player and a person.

“Jedrick is a very dependable and dedicated young man,” Mahon said. “Whether it’s on the football field or working as a lifeguard, Jedrick is a hard working young man.”

It is good for an athlete that is in college to be able to work a part-time job to help with any financial situation and it’s especially helpful if the part time job is on campus because that way it won’t be too much of a hassle to attend practice and work.

“It’s good for athletes to work on campus jobs because people tend to forget the whole issue at hand of handling responsibility,” Halpin said. “Also, it’s good interaction with the rest of the student body.”

Becoming a lifeguard is not for everyone. Like most jobs, it has special qualifications.

“To become a lifeguard at TJC, you have to have Red Cross certification,” Mahon said.

“Also, you have to have been a professional rescuer as well.”

Everyone knows that being a lifeguard is an important job that can impact people’s lives.

It makes the days even tougher when a person works as a lifeguard, is a student in college and plays on the football team.

Williams manages to handle it well.

“It’s not as hard as people would think it is to go to school, work and be on the football team at the same time,” Williams said. “The only thing about the whole situation is that you definitely got to find time to sleep so you can get up and do the things that need to be done day in and day out.”

One of the tougher things about juggling being a lifeguard and a football player is the early mornings.

A lifeguard at TJC tends to have to be at work as early as early as 5:30 a.m. It makes it even tougher when football practice is the same morning as work.

“As far as my study time goes, I always make time for that and make sure I get enough rest when I can,” Williams said. “As long as I balance my time out right, I have no problems.”

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