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Athletic training in a league of its own

All Tyler Junior College athletic organizations have one thing in common, the need for adequate athletic training.

Over the years, Athletic Training has become a necessity for any academic or professional athletic program. Football, basketball, baseball and others. all require proper athletic training in hopes of achieving a safe, healthy, and productive season.

“At this level, because of the schedule and the number of games we play, it would be pretty tough to keep 10 guys close to healthy without athletic trainers,” said Men’s Basketball Head Coach Mike Marquis.

Personal Trainers or Team Managers are often what come to mind when one thinks of Athletic Training. However, Certified Athletic Trainers (ATC’s) are specialized health care providers and well educated in the preventions, assessments, treatments, and rehabilitation of injuries and illnesses an athlete may experience during physical activity.

“All people see in the stands is us passing out water bottles or wrapping an ice pack on somebody,” said Head Athletic Trainer Eddy McGuire, referring to the misnomers the public generally thinks of Athletic Training.

“You can take an online course to become a personal trainer; you can’t do that in Athletic Training. You have to have an education, and you have to pass a state and national test [to become state licensed and nationally certified].”

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