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Band holding tryouts in May

The Apache Band will behaving their yearly drum majortryouts at the end of May.

Students wanting to tryoutneed to remember two dates. OnMay 12 at noon in the band hallthere will be a clinic. Here, studentswill be given basic instructionsas to what music they willhave to conduct and what fundamentalmarching steps they willneed to teach to others. Applicantsare also required to write an essayabout why they want to andshould be the drum major. There isno minimum or maximum length.

They will have four days towork on their routine, prefect theirskills, and write their essay. Applicantswill return to the bandhall on May 16 at 11 a.m. for theofficial tryout. A decision will bemade that day

All band sophomores are allowedto tryout. Incoming freshmanaren’t usually allowed to tryout,but exceptions can be madedepending on individual ability.The directors may decide to havemore than one drum major if theycan’t decide on one candidate.

“The band at TJC usually hasone drum major to direct the team,but this year they had three,” saidMensch.

The marching band is now upto 190 students. The band is toolarge for one person to handle. Thisyear, the directors will be lookingfor three drum majors.

A drum major is a studentthat conducts the band, controlsthe tempo and lets the band knowwhat need to be done. The drummajor has almost as many responsibilitiesas the band director.

These responsibilities includehelping the band get ready forpractice. They make sure the othermembers are organized, and in theright formation, and they take attendanceduring warm-up. Theyalso help assist and run sectionsand help conduct the music.

With all of this responsibility,drum majors are not exempt fromknowing the music. They have toknow how to play their instrumentwell.

“You also have to have greatattendance, morals, and respectin character,” said Tom Mensch,director of bands and tromboneinstructor.

The drum major must be ableto conduct, and march correctly.They also have to have good peopleskills, and know how to settleconflict within the team.

For more information abouttryouts, contact Tom Mensch at(903) 510-2242.

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