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Basketball tryouts approaching

Basketball’s regular season is coming to a close, which means it’s time for basketball tryouts.

The tryouts are open to all 2009 graduating high school seniors and are being held on March 29.

Players are required to bring their own workout clothes and shoes to the tryouts.

They also must complete the Apache Athletics Tryout Release and Liability Waiver Form. The required forms can be found online at http://www.apacheathletics.com/f/Mens_Basketball_Tryouts.

“They [the tryouts] were actually easier than I expected. The coaches mainly watch you play five on five to see how you play in game-type situations,” Seth Ward, former TJC red shirt player, said.

They will play six separate six-minute sessions where they will be evaluated by numerous coaches.

“We have invited several college coaches to evaluate. Each is looking to bolster their own programs,” Head Coach Mike Marquis said.

The best thing for players to do during these tryouts is relax. Coaches usually can tell when a player is nervous and when it’s affecting his game.

“I didn’t want to mess up, but once I started playing the nerves went away and I just played,” Ward said.

These tryouts are important to the high school seniors looking to continue their careers.

“Just play your game. Most guys try to show off too much and turn the ball over or make a mistake, and coaches take note of that, and sometimes, don’t forget coaches don’t give you a second chance,” Ward said.

“Making the team allows a young person to continue his career and to further his career in the future,” Marquis said.

Coaches are watching a lot of guys at once, so players should make the most out of every opportunity they are given.

Players have one shot to show the coaching staff what skills they possess.

“Most of all just play and have fun. Relaxing and having fun will most likely make you play better, and the coaches will see that,” Ward said.

Tryouts are for graduating 2009 high school seniors only.

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