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Breaking News: False Claims of Sexual Assault are Clarified

A female student no longer claims to have been sexually assaulted on campus, said TJC Police today.

Further investigation reveals no criminal act was committed. Both parties, TJC students, have told authorities this was an act of consensual sex, said Chief Randy Melton.

“We have confirmed that it was no sexual assault. No sexual assault occurred here or on campus,” Chief Melton said.

Alert messages were sent Sunday evening to the campus community, and Chief Melton talked with the dorm residents at Ornelas A building, where the alleged victim had reported the assault to have taken place. He explained that a potential crime might have occurred and urged them to take safety precaution as the case was in the process of investigation.

Investigators came to the conclusions after interviewing both students on Monday afternoon.

 Written By:
Belen Casillas



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