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Brother of TJC Student Arrested For Murder

Tragedy struck Smith County September 15, when Amanda Anderson was found shot to death in her home in Chapel Hill. Her brother, 15-year-old Mark Nathaniel Anderson was arrested Wednesday after evidence linked him to the crime.

According to an affidavit, there were several inconsistencies in Nathaniel’s story, claiming to have seen several gun shot wounds in which his sister sustained without going into the room where her body was found.

Investigators state clearly, that blood splatter was found on his clothing, and could not have been there without being present when Amanda was shot and killed. Other reports reveal that Amanda was shot four times in the head.

Nathaniel is facing murder charges and is currently at the Smith County Juvenile Attention Center.

Motive at this time is undetermined, but authorities believe that they have caught the suspect who committed the crime.


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