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Brother’s hearing on sister Amanda’s death

The case of Amanda Anderson and her tragic death has been recently the spark of interest, but also the time of sorrow and regret. Nate Anderson was accused of the shooting death of his sister Amanda and has been since in a juvenile custody.

It has come to light that evidence found has pointed to him being the suspected killer, as well as statements from officials who believe he was in every way responsible.

His parents were seen standing behind their son at two of his court hearings during November. He has been scheduled for another appearance set for December 6th.

Trying Amanda’s brother for murder and as an adult is at this time undetermined. The scheduled court appearance was said to have taken place on Monday, 6 at 1:15 p.m.

When more information becomes available in regards to the case pans out today, you can find it here at The Apache Pow Wow online 24/7- The official newspaper of Tyler Junior College.  


15-year-old Nate Anderson will remain in the Smith County Juvenile Attention Center after his appearance in court today, resulting in a waved hearing by lawyers in his defiance.

There has been a total of three hearing so far, and another is scheduled for Monday, December 20 at 8:30a.m, but there’s no determination to whether it will be his last.

His family and friends have been there for him, showing support throughout the appearances, gathering to a total of 30 in the court room. It seems that they are in the favor of his innocence.

There has been much talk on whether or not he should be tried as an adult. Prosecutors think that it’s to early to decide at this point, but they are planning to put Amanda’s interest into account.


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