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BSA Fashion Show

On Friday, Oct. 26, the Black Student Association had a fashion event titled What 2 Wear vs. What Not 2 Wear in the Apache Rooms in the Rodgers Student Building. The show started around 6:30 p.m.

The show focused on showing students how to dress properly for different occasions in their lives. It included sections such as work, school, date night and school spirit. Students were treated to free popcorn and a Live DJ. BSA also held fun contests like a dance off where students competed to win prizes. The night was lively as students had fun dancing and watching their follow peers stride down the runway.

In the BSA show, they focused on the concept of dressing inappropriately for certain events. The effect of dressing inappropriately to an event is that it can make you feel uncomfortable and potentially make you look unprofessional. The reason you must wear the right clothes occasions two main components: comfort and professionalism. BSA accurately described differences like wearing a tank top and shorts to class vs. just plain pajamas in their show. This not only helps students make more of an impression on the people around them but it can always help them get jobs. Dressing professional gives you a competitive edge when looking for a job because it shows your potential employer how well you take care of your self and that translates to how you will take care of customers. The student models showed that dressing appropriately also boosts self-confidence and promotes self-respect. The models did not look nervous or upset but they looked happy and appeared to be having fun in front of their peers.

The Tyler Junior College’s Black Student Association was founded in 2006 with the objective to attract students of different backgrounds and give them a historical and cultural view of the African American race. BSA is not only directed towards the concerns of African American students but students of ALL races. Students, teachers, representatives, and the community will be able to see and understand what makes us visually different and draws us internally closer.  BSA helps promote campus involvement throughout TJC by showing students the importance of Student Life. The organization has been involved in many community service events on campus and around Tyler. BSA also serves as a resource for other student organizations. BSA works to educate students about their rights as both students and citizens.

Students must complete a new member application and purchase a $10 T-shirt. There is also a GPA requirement for the organization. The group meets in TJC Spirit Room at 5 p.m. on Thursdays. For more information about the club, you can look at the TJC OrgSync website under organizations.

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