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BSM hosts free laundry night

Laundry Night offered by the Baptist Student Ministries was Monday, February 25th. The BSM served free pizza to the students who participated. The BSM gave away Starbucks Gift Cards as door prizes. Putt-Putt Golf was also set up so the students cold enjoy their time there.

A typical student will bag up all things dirty and take them home on the weekends. Miraculously they come back clean. What about the students who live too far away from home? The Baptist Student Ministries center is offering a better solution to this problem: Laundry Night. Periodically the BSM center will offer food, entertainment, washers, and dryers.

The Baptist Student Ministries has worked out a deal with The Laundry Room located on Loop 323 behind Starbucks to allow students to bring their laundry and have a chance to wash their clothes, eat food, and play games. They also offer door prizes.

“Laundry is a necessity in life and to be able to do it and get to eat free pizza is something I will go to anytime,” said Karissa Carter, a sophomore at TJC.

The Laundry Room offers a bunch of washers and dryers for a fast wash. Students come and go as they please.

“Some students come with more than dirty laundry, they are seeking answers or someone to comfort them,” said Mark Jones, the director of the TJC BSM. Jones has been offering laundry nights for a few years now and with the help of the local churches and the funding provided by the Baptist Ministry Convention, they are capable of making this a reality.

Jones said when he was talking to a student at one of the laundry nights, the student made an interesting comment, saying,

“All my life I attended church, and nobody has ever cared enough about me to do my laundry.”

Mr. Jones wants the students to feel cared for and know that there is someone who will be there for them to make them feel at home. Lauren Hollis is a freshman at TJC, and this is her first time attending a Laundry Night.

“This is a great thing! I wouldn’t mind more opportunities to get free food while doing laundry.”

The BSM is located across the street from the White Administration Building and the door is open to any student looking to relax and socialize with fellow students. For more information about the activities the BSM has to offer, stop by. The next Laundry Night is scheduled at the end of March.

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