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Busy winter break leaves little down time for Marquis and team

As the fall 2009 semester comes to an end, the season for the men’s basketball team is far from over.

The team won’t have the kind of winter break that any other student will have.

“We’ve just started, we still have January and February,” said Head Coach Mike Marquis.

Right before the break, the team will have games against Wiley College and Stephen F. Austin.

“We’re going to get a break, but we still need to make sure we practice and stay in shape so that when we have our first game after the new year we’ll be ready for anything the opponents throw our way,” said Marquis.

“I’m going to enjoy the break and spend time with my family, but I’m also going to work harder to improve my game,” said Brad Gay, sophomore guard at TJC.

Before the break, the team will play in the Southern University of Shreveport Classic at Shreveport, La.

“This is pretty important, we’re going to get one last chance before the break to show how hard we’ve been working and how tough of a team we are, “said Marquis.

To start the tournament, the team will play against Wiley College on Dec. 11 and Stephen F. Austin on Dec. 12.

“They are both good teams, we’re going to have to work harder and play harder to show that we are able to compete with any team,” said player Kyle Ford.

“We have a lot to look up to this year. We’re off to a good start and we got to work harder to make sure we finish with a winning record,” said Marquis.

Marquis said the team also has a good shot at making the playoff this season.

“With this being my last year here, I’m really hoping we can make it to Hutch and win the championship,” Labree Sledge, sophomore guard for TJC said.

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