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But Seriously…

As I wrestled my third Diet Coke of the day from the unyielding machine lurking in the recesses of Potter Hall, I had a thought. The powers-that-be should consider replacing, or at least supplementing, TJC’s army of 20 ounce bottle Coke machines with 12 ounce can machines. It just makes sense, and here’s why:


I won’t presume to tell people what they should or shouldn’t eat or drink, but do we really need that much soda? Personally, most times that I get a bottle of Coke, I really would be just as satisfied with a 12 ounce serving. Many schools on the elementary through high school level have decided to rid their campuses of soda machines entirely as a preventative step to fight obesity. I’m not saying get rid of the machines altogether (please don’t!), but if we at least had the option of a smaller serving of liquid sugar, many of us would be happy.


Most of us at least have days, if not weeks, where our finances are tied up in more important things such as rent or toilet paper. So when you’re broke AND thirsty, it’s much less painful to throw a couple of coins in the machine than to part with a whole dollar. Paying $1 for a 20 ounce bottle means we’re paying 5 cents per ounce compared to just over 4 cents per ounce for a 12 ounce can at 50 cents. And for anyone who objects to my earlier comments about serving size, consider this – if you still need to slake your thirst after the first 12 ounces for which you paid 50 cents, you can dig out a couple more quarters and get another, for a total of 24 ounces of frosty beverage. That’s 20 percent more soda for the same price.


Step One: Switch to can machines. Step Two: Find student organizations that want to make some money and save the planet. Step Three: Let those groups maintain recycling bins across campus for empty cans, recycle them and let them pocket the change! While providing this valuable community service, groups could use the money to improve student life thus fulfilling two of TJC’s threefold mission simultaneously. The Tyler Recycling Collection Center does accept plastic bottles but they request all bottles to be rinsed clean with caps removed and they don’t pay.

So in summary:

Give me my soda! In moderation! And save the planet!

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