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Campus safety’s new alternative in security

A year ago, Campus Safety put on emphasis on new way to increase safety on campus to increase safety on campus. This year they have invested in new electric non- polluting scooters that they will use in addition to their four patrol bicycles.

“They reduce response time so we can get to the call for service quicker,” said Tom Johnson, executive di– rector of Security and Public Service Careers. “We can be anywhere on campus within three minutes.”

Inside the Rogers Student Center a new ‘TJC Campus Safety Substation’ will take the place of the old Java Cup. This substation will provide many of the same services as the main Campus Safety building such as pro- viding ID/lanyards and parking stickers..

“It would be helpful because it was all the way across the street to the building instead of now having it right here where it’s easier access,” said Tara Batey, fresh- man.

Many different improvements have been made over the summer to improve safety such as increased lighting and replacing old bulbs with new higher power bulbs as well as new flashing crosswalks on campus.

“It will illuminate the campus better in the night,” said Johnson. “So that it allows the video cameras to get better images and it makes it easier for the Campus Safety people to see the view of the terrain.”

Additionally, there will be four TJC Ambassadors who will provide directions, answer questions, and check ID/lanyards. A total of 20 police officers and guards will provide patrols 24/7 along with a person who monitors and records the 260 surveillance cameras placed all around campus. The changes seen to be having the desired affect.

“Just to know that they are on top of everything and are trying to prevent crime from happening,” said Jeanette White, Professor of Medical Office Management.

 To help students feel even safer than before, Cam- pus safety recently signed a Memorandum of understand- ing with the Tyler Police Department, which will allow TPD officers to patrol on campus and assist on matters of law enforcement in both uniform and plain-clothes along with providing drug dogs that will be on campus/dorms/parking lots at random times.

“People are less likely to bring drugs to campus with drug dogs coming at day or evening or night,” said Johnson. “The only person that will know exactly when the drug dogs will be taking place is the Chief of Police Randy Melton. Having the Tyler Police Department with us is called a ‘Force Multiplier’ because it adds additional law enforcement personnel on the campus grounds.”

According to Johnson, the most important aspect of the crime prevention initiatives is the wearing of the ID Lanyards by students, staff, and faculty.

“The Lanyard/ID Policy has led to the dramatic lowering of crime and the increase of safety,” said Johnson. “We are able to identify people who should not be on campus and discourage their attempts to do criminal acts on campus.”

The Campus Safety Department will continue to work to make TJC’s campus a much safer place.”Our vi-

sion is to make TJC campus one of the safest colleges in America,” said Johnson.

For additional information regarding contacting cam- pus safety call these numbers Emergency – (903) 510-2222 Non Emergency – (903) 510-2258


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