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Campus tours help prospective students make decisions

When deciding whether to attend a certain college, a prospective student will consider advantages and disadvantages, expenses and general information about the college. Touring the campus can also be an important factor in making the decision.

“People call in if they would like to tour the campus. We take down the day they would like to visit, the potential student’s name and number, and how many people will be attending the tour,” staff technician Rashanda Lathorom said.

TJC offers campus tours 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday.

On the day of the tour, the visitor first comes to the White Administration Building.

“The visitor gets to talk with an admissions recruiter. The tour is usually an hour long, and it’s optional whether or not the visitor would like to visit the residential halls,” Admissions student assistant Katy Tarrant said. “A student assistant gives the tour if the number of visitors is under 10. If the number is above 10, then an admissions recruiter will give the tour.”

Prospective students Armando Arroyo and Randy Woods, both 18 and Business majors, along with Woods’ mother and aunt, all were in which from Corsicana and recently toured TJC.

Arroyo and Woods waited patiently in the White Administration Building, both looking around at an unfamiliar place for the first time.

Before the tour began, the student assistant greeted the group, introduced herself and explained to the group where they were standing at that very moment.

The group passed by several buildings, including the library, Rogers Student Center and dormitories. For every building that the group passed by, the student assistant kindly explained the purpose of the building and its name.

Each time something regarding the campus was explained, the group was asked if anyone had questions.

Throughout the whole tour, chattering and laughing students were constantly seen interacting with one another, giving Arroyo and Woods a genuine view of TJC.

“It seemed like a pretty cool campus. The people seemed so active,” Arroyo said. “Now that I got a chance to see it, I really got interested. I will be coming back for soccer tryouts, and I have told a lot of my friends about what I saw, and I will definitely be bringing them back with me.”

For those who are not able to attend a campus tour, a virtual tour is available on the TJC Web site. The virtual tours consist of buildings, sports areas, and a view of the Ornelas Residential Complex, the newest dormitory added to the campus, along with captions explaining each area shown.

For more information about campus tours, contact TJC Admissions at (903) 510-2398.

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