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Career Services aids undecided students

Now, more than ever, jobs are becoming increasingly hard to find, and a lot of students don’t realize all the helpful resources that TJC’s Career Services offers.

“Career Services is a one-stop shop for students and undecided students to visit and explore hundreds of career options available to them,” Kimberly Harden, a staff member in the Career Services department, said.

Ranging from informational books and statistical outlines to Web sites and videos, one trip to the Career Services department can turn personal experiences and interests into a college major.

Career Services’ staff helps both students and non-students research all aspects of a college major and allows students to become “career literate” before jumping into the job world.

Career Services allows each student access to resources that can be an investment in their future by taking the time to research all the opportunities available both through the Career Services informational library and the Internet.

“We currently house about 500 books on various careers in our office library, and students are welcome to come in and research different careers of interest and improve their job search skills,” Harden said.

Career Services educates students with an undecided major individually through free career assessments, resume and cover letter techniques, personality tests and mastering interview skills. Careers Services department allows students to utilize the varying resources on their own time or schedule an appointment for a staff member to help walk through the diverse tools and information.

The Career Services Coordinator, Annie Lan, is helpful in explaining the various possibilities available to students.

“It was very useful having Ms. Lan come talk to the Resident Director’s about what Career Services offers the students on campus. With her willingness to inform us, we were more willing to inform our residents,” Joey Talbott, resident director for Lewis Hall, said.

Career Services works hand-in-hand with the East Texas Work Force Commission to encourage job placement in available fields. This allows the recruiting process to become faster and easier for the student.

“There are all these different places that all have these different openings and they are looking to hire. So, we have the job board that allows students to access it for free, which allows us to help get the word out about available jobs,” Lan said.

For Allied Health and Nursing majors, a job fair is offered in the spring. Other types of workshops are offered throughout every semester. Lan and her staff attend college preparatory classes and informing students on the importance of attending college.

One of career services’ main goals is to reach out to students with an undecided major and help them focus on finding a future occupation. If the student is looking for a job, then they can be pointed in the direction of jobs that are hiring.

After a student’s educational courses are complete, Career Services can then assist even further in finding an actual job for which to apply. They are willing to help through the entire journey. For more information on career services, visit http://www.tjc.edu/career services.

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