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Cheering for Two Teams

Sarah Feder is both a Chapel Hill Bulldog and TJC Apache thanks to more than just her dual credit courses.

“I’m a dual credit student at my high school, but I take a total of 14 hours in equivalence to TJC students I take EDUC, Calculus, English, Music App, and Biology,” said Sarah Feder, senior at Chapel Hill High School .

Like many other high school student, Feder is trying to get as many transferable college credit hours as possible before graduating, but it is not the only reason she has Apache pride.

Feder also cheers for Tyler Junior College.


“I am the head cheerleader of my high school team and a member of TJC. I have responsibilities for both, but at school I am the leader of the team,” said Feder. “I need to know what’s going on mostly all the time, and people look up to me for questions and anything they need. At TJC, it’s the opposite. I am only a rookie.”

Feder cheers at her high school football games on Friday nights and then TJC on Saturdays. Feder has been on a tight schedule since joining both teams, but has managed to maintain balance in her life.

“My only concern was the time it takes for practices, community service projects and games,” said Karen Murphree, the Chapel Hill Cheer Sponsor. “Being our head cheerleader, Sarah has a lot of responsibility and is expected to set the example for all our cheerleaders – Freshman, JV and Varsity. Due to different practice schedules and different game days, we haven’t had any issues.”


Feder is also involved in Student Senate, Varsity Choir, helps teach younger choirs, and has a job outside of cheering for two different schools. Because she has been so busy the past four years of her life, Feder is ready to see what life is like without cheer after this year.

“This is actually my last year to cheer. I have loved cheerleading for my entire life, and it is hard to give up, but I just think it’s my time. I’m able to experience something most don’t get to, and that’s cheering in high school and college at the same time.”


Feder is hopeful to attend UTSA next year and focus on being a “normal student”.

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