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Choosing your words carefully

Everyday thousands and thousands of words are spoken by each of us. Many words we say too often and take for granted. Words like ‘I love you.’ Some words, such as ‘thank you,’ we don’t say enough.

Then there are the words, which if not said in the right way and at the right time, can bring a world of trouble to your life or to those whom you love.

Examples of this type of word could be something such as ‘abuse.’ To those who this has not happened to, it is merely a misfortune and crime that happens in our corrupt world. But to every woman and man who has had to experience any form of abuse, sees the word as dark and overwhelming.

Emotional abuse is when men or women, use their actions and words to tear their partner’s emotional stability down so that eventually the victim will do and say whatever they want.

A sign of emotional and verbal abuse is if a significant other or loved one continuously belittles and berates you or criticizes and calls you names.

As a society we have begun to believe that actions speak louder than words, but not in this case. Emotional or verbal abusers slowly beats their victims down with words, first by ensuring a false sense oflove and security, then by slowly degrading their self-esteem.

Words that are used to tear people down until they are subjective and willing to do things they wouldn’t have done before should be punished just as harshly as bruises and force.

Of course there are words and actions that are not nearly as harsh as ‘abuse,’ but are still just as hurtful in meaning, especially if wrongly accused. This would include cheating or accusing someone of having an affair. Hundreds of teenagers,young adults and married couples cheat on their spouses every week. It is not illegal, but it is considered socially unacceptable. To be wrongly accused of cheating is almost worse than actually doing it because the accused has had theirreputation scarred and sometimes can never repair it.

Words are permanent, once said they cannot be taken back. You can apologize and revoke them, but the pain sometimes never goes away. Be careful what you say to anyone and everyone because one dayyour words might come back to haunt you.

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