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For a commuter campus, TJC has a noticeable lack of bike racks.

“Ten years ago TJC did have bike racks, but they where all pulled up because they were old and rusty. They were to a point where they could not be fixed,” said Bill King, Physical Plant director.

As a result, students who ride bikes to school secure them to trees, garbage bins, railings and any other safe place they can find while they are in class.

“Bike racks will encourage more people to commute via bicycle, which will help with the parking squeeze and also help TJC ‘go green’ as cycling is more environmentally beneficial,” said Dr. Kahne Parsons, Bicycle Club sponsor. “Some students already commute but have to rack their bikes where ever they can.”

There are four locations that are being considered for bike rack installation: between Jenkins and WASC, between Jenkins and Jean Browne Theatre, between Rogers Student Center and Genecov, and on the west side of Pirtle Tech.

The cost of the bike racks is estimated around $3,000 and will likely be paid for through student fees.

“It is really hard to tell when we will be able to get the bike racks because all of the paperwork is done, but now we have to wait on funding,” said King.

The bike rack project is a main focus of the new Bike Club.

“We are trying to reach out and get more students involved,” said Parsons.

This is a building year for the club, which organized last spring. Now they are ready to get more active and involved in the community.

“I am in the Bicycle Club because it is a chance for me to make new friends and to maybe get some riding buddies to go out and ride with,” said Aaron Buster, sophomore.

A project that is in the making for the bike club is a bike rodeo in North Tyler. However, before they are able to go to North Tyler they have to do a trial run for TJC. At the bike rodeo the club is partiscipating in helping people learn more about bicycles, and the rules of the road when it comes to riding a bike.

They are also considering giving away helmets and bike pumps at the bike rodeo. They have not yet set a date or time for this event but are looking toward the spring semester.

They are partnering with the Hispanic Student Organization in this outreach program.

“The social aspect and freeness of being on a bike is nice and the competition is very fun,” said Buster.

There are 22 students and a dozen faculty and staff that are in the bike club.

“I love being a part of the bicycle club because it is a great way to stay fit and meet new people,” said Emily Phillips, sophomore, and bicycle club secretary.

There have been some lunch meetings, but because of students schedules they will be having some meetings in the afternoons.

“Our biggest obstacle as a new club is the time schedule and students work and class schedules. Weekends are the best opportunity to have activities,” said Parsons

TJC bicycle club will affect the student life and fitness, and is not just for people who race, but all motorists.

“We want to know what the public want to see happen on campus with the Bike club so we can try and get new ideas from students and faculty,” said Parsons.

Anyone can be a part of the bicycle club. To join contact sponsor Kahne Parsons her e-mail is kpar@tjc.edu

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