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College prep classes help get students up to speed

TJC is made up of a diverse student body with different backgrounds and not all students are up to Texas Higher Education Agency standards.

“Every single person can achieve a college degree and deserves a college degree,” said Lisa Harper, dean of College Preparatory Studies.

A student enrolling at TJC who did not make high enough scores on the SAT, ACT or any placement test is required to take the Accuplacer test to determine if the student is ready for college. The Texas Higher Education Agency is responsible for setting the standard for students who may be allowed to take accredited college courses.

If the student does not meet the THEA requirements, the student is not barred from earning an education. Instead, the student is given the opportunity to undertake a certain level or levels of disciplinary college preparatory classes, based on the score made on the Accuplacer test, before taking accredited college courses such as core curriculum classes.

In 2007, 66.5 percent of in-district freshmen or high school graduates were in enrolled in at least one college preparatory class, according to statistics provided by TJC’s Director of Institutional Research Dr. Lee Allard.

In 2009, it was reported that 53.7 percent of local high school graduates were enrolled in college preparatory classes. The number of students enrolled in college preparatory classes has not seen much change, but the number of student enrolled at TJC increased from 654 to 812 students from year 2007 to 2009.

Testing out of college preparatory classes is an option but the test must be taken before the 12-day. After the 12-day of enrollment the student may still test out and then drop the course, but students who are receiving financial aid must keep in mind the required number of hours they must take. If the financial aid conflicts with the ability for the student to drop the course, the student must attend the class or classes and participate in class work activities.

The Department of College Preparatory Studies understands the possible situation and that all a student may need is a little refreshing on some foundational material.

Some students may understand the basics and actually excel in academics but may suffer due to language barriers or test anxiety. College Prep. offers guidance and services to help students.

College Preparatory makes individuals better students, not by just teaching basics, but by providing alternative classes like College Preparatory Student Success.

“CPSS is a neat course but it is not specifically under state guidelines that you have to know this. It’s things that are helpful in a different way like note taking, listening skills, time-management and goal setting,” said Student Success Coordinator Jaquitta Bol.

The purpose of the class is to teach helpful habits and tools students can use in order to make the learning process easier.”We help students to be successful by facilitating their learning,” said Bol.

For more information on college preparatory or student success visit the college preparatory office in Potter Hall or contact the College Preparatory office at (903) 510-2037.

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