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College prep makes changes around campus

Students walking around Potter Hall may notice some physical changes taking place. They might even see Lisa Harper, dean of College Preparatory Studies, painting the walls herself.

Harper, who is located in Potter 206, is making some physical and philosophical changes that will affect current students and new-comers for the spring semester.

“We want to make changes to better accommodate students,” Harper said.

As for the physical changes, some areas of Potter Hall will be decorated to a cool modern vibe.

The cold, institute feeling will be replaced with earth tones on the walls and sleek, modular furniture. Sitting areas and tables are set up in order to make comfortable study areas for students.

“I think redecorating and changing the atmosphere will be a great thing for students, it will be a nice place for students to go and it shows the students that someone actually cares about our comfort,” Kelly Conine, a TJC sophomore said.

There will be an open house for everyone to come see and hear about the changes in the College Preparatory school sometime in November. The exact date of the open-house is yet to be determined.

“Something as little as redecorating, I think, is actually going to be very beneficial to the students. With a more professional and nice looking area, students will develop a professional mentality,” said Victoria Jenkins, a TJC sophomore.

Physical changes are not the only ones takingplace for College Preparatory. Harper is trying to write a new TSI plan, which will drive the changes in the curriculum. TSI (which replaced the TASP law) is the Texas Success Initiative that requires students to be tested in reading, writing and mathematics before enrolling into college. The college has the flexibility to decide what would be best for the student in order to be ready for college-level courses.

Harper is comparing and contrasting other community colleges such as Austin Community College and Temple College to see what they are doing in their college preparatory departments as opposed to TJC.

“We are putting students first and trying to see what we can do to help students economically and help them be college ready,” Harper said.

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