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Collegiate Financial Security

Should every college student have a budget? YES! Casey Wells, Financial Aid Officer in charge of Student Loans, and Devon Wiggins, Director of Financial Aid, agrees that students should have a budget.

“It is the best way to plan to make your college experience the best it can be, if you plan for your budget you plan on how much money you have, I think you’ll have a better experience in college,” Casey Wells said.

“I don’t think it’s just college students that need a budget but everyone,” said Director of Financial Aid Devon Wiggins.

Students with loans could pay off student loans successfully without going into default if they work from a budget and allocate a payment every month.

“One of the things we cover is paying for college and financial literacy,” said Ashleigh Lewis, Professor of Student Development and coordinator of FIGS. Lewis went on to say, “this is a course that you can enroll in to take face to face or online and you get a college credit.” This course can help all students navigate their first year of college more easily than a student who doesn’t take this course.

To put a student’s plan to action there is a reality fair every spring. The financial aid department coordinates with Kelly Federal Union to put on this reality fair. This fair gives students a real life look at their future after graduation. Even though the reality fair for this spring has passed, students are urged to sign up and attend next spring’s fair for enlightenment.

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